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Birth control gives you the power to plan your family and future the way you want. At Serenity Women's Health & Med Spa, the caring team of providers is here to support you with all your birth control choices. For the best in OB/GYN services in Pearland, Texas, call the office or use the online scheduler to book an appointment now.

Birth Control Q & A

Do I need birth control?

If you’re sexually active and don’t want to conceive a baby right now, you need birth control. The Serenity Women’s Health & Med Spa team gives women the options they need to make proactive choices and plan their families on their own terms. 

What kinds of birth control are available?

There are many different birth control options available today, including:

Short-acting hormonal birth control 

All types of short-acting hormonal birth control use estrogen or progestin hormones to prevent pregnancy. This category of birth control works by stopping ovulation, thickening cervical mucus, thinning the uterine lining, or all three.

Oral contraceptives, which you take every day, are a popular type of short-acting hormonal birth control. Other options include the weekly birth control patch, getting an injection every three months, and the vaginal ring, which is worn for three weeks at a time. 

With all of these methods, consistency is crucial for reliable pregnancy prevention.

Long-acting birth control 

Long-acting birth control methods, such as intrauterine devices (IUDs) and birth control implants, last for 3-10 years. Most long-acting birth control options use hormones to prevent pregnancy, but a copper IUD is an alternative as well. 

Long-acting birth control methods don’t generally require any maintenance beyond checkups during your annual women’s wellness physical. 

Barrier method of birth control

Other birth control methods include barrier options like condoms and diaphragms, which work by blocking sperm from entering the uterus. You have to use barrier methods every time you have sex. Some women also use natural methods such as menstrual cycle and ovulation tracking to help them avoid pregnancy. 

The Serenity Women’s Health & Med Spa team understands that having so many options can get confusing. They can recommend the birth control method that meets your needs and fits into your lifestyle. 

When can I start trying to conceive after stopping birth control?

If you want to have a baby, discuss the time frame for safely discontinuing birth control with the Serenity Women’s Health & Med Spa team as soon as possible. 

Generally, you can start trying to conceive whenever you feel ready after stopping birth control. 

Many women are able to get pregnant in anywhere from a month to a year of trying after stopping birth control, depending on individual factors. 

Serenity Women’s Health & Med Spa offers all the birth control options you need, so don’t wait to take control of your fertility. Call the office or click on the appointment scheduler now.